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Gros Morne


September 22 – 29, 2019


Explore the edge of the Earth among geological wonders and beautiful coastal scenery in Gros Morne National Park. The park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, located along the west coast of Newfoundland, Canada. It's a hidden gem for a landscape photography getaway! Travel among Eastern Canadian Moose, Woodland Caribou, and Humpback Whales as you explore the barren highlands and rugged coastlines of this amazing part of the world.

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Pacific Rim


May 5 – 12, 2019


Immerse yourself in the temperate rainforests and rugged coastline of Pacific Rim National Park Resereve. Let us guide you through ancient forests, expansive white sand beaches and rocky headlands. See some of Canada's most iconic wildlife such as bald eagles, black bears, and whales. Even try your hand at surfing on world famous Long Beach. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is the perfect wild photography desination.

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Tripod Tours offers a fully immersive landscape photography travel experience. Each tour is carefully curated by our head guide, Jenny. Explore natural wonders with a group of people who share your interests! It's a great way to see the world, a chance to explore light and form in a new and exciting setting, with people and places that will inspire you. We have done all the leg work, so you can just let your creativity flow! We offer travel in small groups, so there is plenty of one on one attention and room for everyone to get a unique perspective. We do our best to get you to the right places at the right time of day. Our tours are fully catered by our camp chef, Drew. Everything is made from scratch from locally sourced ingredients. We want to create a totally unique travel experience for you!


Jennifer Stowe

Jenny Stowe - Head Guide

I am a professional photographer who has had a bad case of the travel bug for as long as I can remember. In 2010, I left behind a career as a forestry professional, and attended school to become a photographer. It was a decision that changed everything, and I haven't looked back! There are many reasons that have led me to leave the studio and return to the great outdoors, but the biggest reason is to get back to my roots. I was raised roaming around the coast of western Newfoundland, and spent the first part of my working life outdoors. It's my happy place. There is nothing like the sun setting and a gentle breeze in your hair. When I was growing up, my parents ran their own tourism business, so it's in my blood. It feels totally natural to lead a group of people on an adventure, and do my best to help them experience something extraordinary. It inspires me to take them to places they wouldn't be able to reach on their own, and to send them home with so many wonderful memories, and of course, the photographs!

Drew Greig

Drew Greig - Camp Chef & Logistics Manager

I grew up on the Gulf Islands of BC, and spent most of my time roaming the woods and beaches. These early adventures led me through school, and on to study biology and geography in Victoria. While a student, I worked as a cook and caterer, putting some real skill behind my love of fine cooking and feeding people. It wasn't long before I was back outdoors though, and after spending a few memorable summers in the Rocky Mountain Parks, I discovered wildfire fighting! The chance to see such natural power up close was too much to resist. During my years on the fire line, I became the crew first-aid attendant, as well as the resident gourmand and ecology nerd. Since returning to civilization, I've become a welder, a teacher and an amateur blacksmith. Nonetheless, the great outdoors always calls me back, and I'd love to share some fine food and fine memories as we share some of the great Canadian wilderness with you.